Septic System Installation Services

We offer New Septic Installation and Septic System Replacement services across Sussex County Delaware. 

Quality Septic System Install Services

C. White and Sons is Southern Delaware's leading septic contractor.

Selecting the right Sussex County septic contractor can be a daunting task. As southern Delaware's leading septic contractor, we are pleased to provide references to ease your concern! We understand that we are installing a vital part of your home. We work hard to make sure that you are protected in every way. You can feel confident with C. White and Sons and in the work we perform.

New Septic System Installation Sussex County DE

New Septic System Installation

If you are building a new home and are ready for a new septic system install, look no further then C. White and Sons, LLC. Our local family owned business has been serving Sussex County Delaware for over 50 years. We guarantee top quality service at an affordable rate. Get in touch with us today about your New Septic System needs. 

Septic System Replacement

Has your septic system failed? Ready to replace the old septic system? Give C. White and Sons, LLC a call today. With over 50 years of excellent service across Sussex County, you can count on us to get your septic job done quick and done right!

Septic System Replacements in Sussex County Delaware

We Install All Septic Systems, Including:

  • LPP Systems

    A low-pressure pipe (LPP) system is a shallow, pressure-dosed soil absorption system with a network of small diameter perforated pipes placed in narrow trenches.

  • Gravity Systems

    Gravity Septic pushes effluent out the other end to the drainfield through a network of pipes. This is called “gravity flow” and these systems don’t need a pump.

  • Peet Filter Systems

    A peat septic system functions much like a conventional septic with the exception that the wastewater receives peat treatment before being discharged to the soil.

  • Pressure Dose Systems

    The purpose of Pressure dosing systems is to place septic effluent in the absorption system or drainfield at intervals rather than continuously.

  • Sub-Surface Micro-Irrigation

    A Sub-Surface Micro System treats wastewater for one specific residence. Proper treatment reduces health risks to humans and animals and prevents surface and groundwater contamination.

  • Pre-Treatment Systems

    A Pre-Treatment System is a simple way to reduce the number of solids and bacteria that your septic tank filters out of your waste water with a device mounted inside a specially designed septic tank.

  • Elevated Sand Mound Systems

    Mound systems are an option in areas of shallow soil depth, high groundwater, or shallow bedrock. The constructed sand mound contains a drainfield trench.

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